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Hi everyone,

five days have now passed since we came back from Nagoya, Japan.

All in all, our trip was Just-Frigging-AWESOME, to be accurate. Lots of awesome cosplays, huge amounts of friendly people (that's you WCS2010 competitors I'm talking about :D ), outstanding climate, wicked nature, superb architecture and beautiful, beautiful country. I truly fell in love to Japan (if I wasn't already) , so great country it was even though our trip was only a scratch on the surface, a drop in the ocean.

The whole trip was an inspiration to me, a dream come true when thinking about cosplay and everything related to it.

I felt that I got to understand things beyond normal thinking (related to cosplay of course), and now I feel so grateful about it. Also, the biggest shock on the trip was to realize the differences between cosplay in Japan & Finland, and I can now say honestly that they are none alike, to put it roughly.

Quality of cosplays were just awesome, even better than in WCS2009 if I'm asked. Alas, this year it was our turn to receive the lowest score in the final competition, but as in every fight, there's always the first and the last (even in a competition of the best of the bests).

Albeit the judges didn't like our performance (thankfully they liked our costumes where the most of our points came from), it had a magnificent influence on audience. People loved us, our costumes looked good all the time and we received SO much positive feedback from various people, a really honest thank you for that, people, we're doing this for you!

Thanks, everyone :)


We have landed!

 Hei te suomalaiset, 

meidän reissua voi seurata osoitteessa http://blog.cft.fi , meidän tulkki Santeri Saarimaa päivittää blogia joka päivä ja kertoo meidän reissun kulusta.

 You can follow us at Twitter (https://twitter.com/wcsfinland) , we'll try to update it as much as possible during our trip :D


This is it.

We will do our best, wish us luck. Thank you !!!

-Riina & Sami-

Parade & Progress & Random

Looong update is looooong.

Finalllyyyy. WCS is drawing closer and closer and everything is almost done. I have been finishing and polishing my costumes and practicing the stage performance with Sami so the timetamble has been full lately (Boohoo my social life is dead.) I hope that the peeps will like our performance, we worked our asses of when doing the audio tape and planing the choreography and the stage lights.

Here's a little stage prop teaser for you~

Big black coffing with planks.  Will be a nice little extra in our performance.

But then, straight to the next topic since I want to go to sleep soon. So couple weeks ago we were at Tracon V and revealed our parade costumes which are from series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, I as Yoko and Sami as Kamina. Quite classic costumes may I say but as airy as they can be. The Idea from these costumes came when we were thinking two cool characters with thin clothing. First we wondered if the characters are too "used" but then we were like what the heck, we like them and we don't like to suffer from heatstroke. We actually had quite many other costumes in mind but the main problem was that either Sami's or mine character was always wearing too much compared to the other so Kamina and Yoko were the best match in "airiness". Here da pic of us:

And here's a bunch of progress pics for you. Not much, but something at least.

At first we thought that we would make the timcanpy from tennis ball but then we got the better idea. And you can see the better idea on the right before the golden coloring.

Some of my Anita fabrics (press costume), delicious looking paint (onomnom), Anita's fabric pattern aaand Sami sleeping while I was painting the fabric. (Okay, he wasn't sleeping, just having a short break :'D) Sorry for sensoring my face with fabulous cat painting, but I looked so idiotic that I had to. And I love cats, that why.

Anita's head thingie.

Some pictures of Yoko's gun. It started from plastic airsoft gun which I chopped in pieces and stole some parts from it, ia trigger. After that I used plywood, original wood, aluminuim pipe, plastic pipe, acrylic glass, glue, screws and bunch of some other things what I'm too lazy to translate into english. And next to the almost finished gun is Kamina's sword before painting.

In da first pic my sewing machine's needle broke and it landed on my neck after the big "KLA-BLAM" noice. Sewing is dangerous. Second pic introduces my very exciting Yoko's bracelets buttons. Yes I know that you are interested of them. (not) And then there's a pic of my faux leather glove and my last my Yoko's boots after transplanting the other shoe into another one. I mean I used two different shoes to create one. Looks little bit clumsy but it actually worked when I polished the edges of the shoe. I'm quite positive that you guys have no idea of what I'm talking about but I too tired to help it.


From thing to another, I'm angry at the moment because I broke my sewing machine -_- There was only couple things to left to sew but still I'm mad 'cause the sewing machine was quite new... Sigh. It only broke "slightly" so it is fixable but I don't care since I can't use right now. Of course there is our old sewing machine, but well. It's not the same. Bwah.

Oh btw, I want to share this one funny thing with you all. Because cosplay isn't a cheap hobby, I had to find a part time job to earn some money. I managed to get in the local grocery store as sales lady for whole summer and I like it :) (only that it eats a lot of good sewing and cosplay doodling time ) At work there is a calender where we workers mark down the days we have to have the day off. When the boss is doing the working hour list he checks the days when somebody has asked the day off.  (Like vacations, doctor meetings, family parties and stuff like that) And of course I marked there that I will be in Japan couple weeks.  But to the main point, I think my boss might be a bit stressed. Some while ago I was filling the shelfs with food in the dairy production section with my boss and we had quite a funny conversation. (Or at least i think so, he was really embarrassed after that)

Boss: So...You are going to China soon ?
Me: Huh ? Well no... Actually in Japan...
B: Oh really. Yeah.

*Short Silence*

B: So how long ?
M: Umm, One and half week (Me thinking: That's strange I have said that to him like 5 times already and he still can't remember it)
B: So it's going to be a nice vacation then.
M: ? N-no it's not vacation, I'm going to take part in one big competition... (I said that too to him like ugh 8 times ?)
B: Ok. A competition then...

*Long Silence*

B: Well actually, What I had in mind is that it would have been really nice if you could have tell it before than three weeks ahead. It's not nice to not tell things like that to your boss.

At this point I stopped putting the foods on the shelfs and turned to my boss looking him with face like O_O?
M: Um, Boss, I have told you about that...

Boss was silent for an while looking back at me with the owl face O_ô and said:

Really ?

M: Well yeah ? I have said that to you something like five times. First time when I asked the job here (Which was back in March) second time when you were asking how long I can work here, third time when when we were writing the contract of employment (April), fourth time when I announced you how long the trip is (May) and fifht time when I said the actual dates to you (June)

B: Oh really.
M: Yeah, don't tell me you actually forgot ?
B: Well now I remember. Kind of. Okay. Fine, good no problems then hehe.
M: You didn't really think I would be that stupid that not to tell that long trip beforehand ?
B: ....Um no I mean I though it was strange nevermind AHEM. I'm going to do some paper works, continue.

I was like... Oh god, he had actually forgot it, completely. xD

Ahem. Let's continue. To the one last note, We made a twitter account so if you wanna stay updated while we are in Japan you can follow us in here:

Here ends my groggy update. I hope you got something from it. Something else than my messy babling :D

From here on I shall call my dad by the of MacGyver. He dismatnled my sewing machine into pieces, searched the malfunction, fixed it and put the all pieces back together. It took several hours but guess what ? My sewing machines works just like it used to be ! I love my dad. He has no experience with sewing machines, but still he can fix almost everything.


Countdown has begun!

Hi everyone! It's been a while, hasn't it?

Yes, I'm aware of the lack of recent updates here in LJ but now things are gonna change. Riina and I were quite busy up until last weekend when another convention, Tracon V, was held at Tampere, Finland. We introduced our last two costumes for WCS in Tracon which means our costumes are complete! (only minor modifying is needed, all costumes are now suitable to be dressed up).

The temperature is rising as the WCS is approaching. The main things we are now focusing on are the minor flaws on our costumes, props for our WCS-show and most importantly, our performance. There really isn't much to lose before the deadline for performance plan, but we'll definitely handle this.

By the way, is this familiar to you?
Knock knock. - Who's there? - Reality.

At least it is for us.

I think of adding a whole mass of fancy pictures of our costumes and their making process, but as the clock tells me it is 2 o'clock at night and only 7 hours before my work starts (I hate saturday work :P), I'd rather share the pics later with you people. Yep, that's what I'm gonna do, but don't worry, you won't be disappointed.


Desucon was wickeeed

Hi mates, sorry for the late update but an unwanted flu messed my brains up and couldn't write anything reasonable earlier.

So previous weekend Sami and I were at Desucon at Lahti. (Finnish anime&manga etc. convention) And we presented our World Cosplay Summit press costumes, which are (*drummroll*) ((Yes Sami already wrote those costumes in finnish in his previous update but let's pretend that he didn't)) Cross Marian (Sami) and Anita (Riina) from D.Gray-Man series. Yaaaay ! Except I was bit gloomy at the con since I was able to finish my costume only like 90% and I was stressing how did it look.  (One fabric was missing, had to replace it with crappier one and other unfortunate things like that. Yup I'm the real pro, I know -__- )  But besides that we had such a great time at the con ! <3 We met bunch of nice and encouraging people and had interesting conversations with them :)  Although I wasn't able to talk that much with everybody as I wanted since some people were so busy and with some people I was bit shy *blush* Because they had so insanely well done cosplay costumes *_* Maybe I will go to harass those people in next convention which is going to be Tracon V at Tampere (3-4.7) And speaking of which, Sami and I are going to present our parade costumes there at the saturday and use our WCS costumes at the sunday. We were going to do a little show to the tracon with our parade costumes, but since I caught this tough flu, we won't. Booring.

Oh, almost forgot, I want to congratulate the Finland's Eurocosplay preliminary winner ! Didn't see your performance but liked your costume <3 Enough with my english gibberish , I'll show you couple press costume pictures and go to continue my parade costume. I'll try to do one update more before Tracon V, but we will see if I have the time.

First I was like: Sami I'm going to cosplay General Cross ! (As a joke, I put the Cross's wig on my head and made myself with watercolors red beard and eyebrows. Yes I know I'm irresistible.)

But then I was like, well maybe it's better If you cosplay him  u_u"

Here you can see Sami as Cross, me as Anita and Timcanpy as Timcanpy Aka Timu ! (It's the golden ball with wings in case you don't know :) )

And thanks for my lovely friends who took nice photos of us and tolerated my mood ^^

I'll put my press&parade&wcs costume progress pics here when I have the time. I think I'm always busy. Sorry.


Cossausta cossauksen jälkeen

¡Note! This entry is in finnish and targeted for finnish audience only. I'll write at least a summary of this entry in english later!

Desucon tuli nähtyä ja koettua jo viikko sitten, ja puvut tuli tehtyä just ajoissa (myönnän, meni tiukille). Ja jos joku ei tosiaan meitä tunnistanut, oltiin Riinan kanssa Anita ja Cross D. Gray-Man -sarjasta sekä lauantaina että sunnuntaina, ja noita pukuja olis sitten tarkoitus käyttää World Cosplay Summitin pressipukuina. Conialueella tuli pyörittyä molempina päivän miltei koko ajan ja varsinaisen "edustamisen" lisäks ei ihan hirveesti tullu muuta tehtyä. Desuconin ohjelmatarjonta oli ihailtavan mielenkiintoista ja se näky myös väenpaljoudessa ja ihmisten fiiliksissä, kerrassaan  mukava coni siis :D

Tätä entryä kirjotellessani puuhaan Vincentin kenkiä (niitä joista laittelin kuvia blogia aloittaessani) ja suunnittelen hiljakseen meidän viimesiä WCS-pukuja (tai siis omaani), jotka olis myös tarkotus esitellä ennen heinä-/elokuun vaihteen kisoja.

Traconiin on tällä kellonlyömällä enää vajaa pari viikkoa, ja Traconia edeltävänä perjantaina pitäis olla kaikki pukuhommat kuosissa (eivät siis ole vielä), mutta äkkiähän tää homma tästä suttaantuu. Ehkä suurin hiki tulee peruukkien kanssa, koska ne piti tilata expressinä jotta ehtivät perille ajoissa. No, rahaahan se vaan vaati, mutta silti.

Laitan hieman kuvia myöhemmin (tai Riina laittaa) Desuconin riennoista kunhan ehdin.


Full steam ahead!

Yo people!

So, the deadlines are knocking our window frames, but what are we going to do, you might ask? Beat the deadlines, of course! Oh and I got to say I'm terribly sorry for the lack of recent updates, I've been busy... with my costumes, thankfully :D

We are going to make our next appearance in Finnish anime convention, Desucon (2010), where we are supposed to introduce one (pair) of our costumes to be in WCS. Due to the crooked nature of myself, I'm still not  going to reveal our costumes of choice, but you'll see them, and you won't be disappointed.

I'll put up lots of pictures as soon as our costumes are revealed (three more weeks only), but for know I can only show and tell tiny bits of information.

I've received 2/3 of my wigs for my WCS costumes, so only one wig is on it's way anymore. All necessary fabrics for my next costume (appearing at Desucon) are bought already, so for that part, it's just sewing, fitting, modifying and so on.. I also had to buy some plaster gauze for one particular part in my costume. Additionally I also had use for some paper pulp, chain, steel plate and few other hardware materials. My next costume consists of seven different parts, and it's a lot of work. In addition to working with fabrics, I'm making shoes and prop at the same time, and you'll see the shoe's early state in following picture:

Biker boots, which will have a radical modification.

In the picture, upper part is "before" and lower part is "right after that before". I'll get you soon the picture of next state of my shoes. Just wait for it.

Moreover, recently (actually in December but whatever) I talked over with a few of my friends (who were a lot younger than me) about WCS, telling them I will represent Finland in WCS together with my sister and so on.. My friends were a bit jealous for me, replying roughly something like "Well I'd like to go to Japan myself too.." where I said "It's just not like we ""go"" there to just goof around" and where she/they replied me "well you just have to make some costumes little bit and that's it, and then you'll get a free trip." 

I have to admit that I laughed. I laughed hard. I SERIOUSLY LOLLED :D
But yes, seriously, I can assure anyone that we are taking this task very seriously, and we are up to this task as it is given to us to be taken care of with honor. Time by time cosplay may be (and is) serious business, but it's important to not forget we (as well as many other people of course) are doing this out of our free will (and that's just because we enjoy what we do).

Be patient, more is coming soon.

Oh yeah and by the way, Riina and I are going to use our Yuffie & Vincent costumes at Tracon for one day (another Finnish anime convention), 3.-4. of July this summer. I'll announce this at least once more before the actual date of Tracon, but I just want to let you people know.

-Sami   ▲
            ▲ ▲

Tips & Hints

Wazzaaaaap ?

Ugh, finally I have some time to stop and take breath o_- My matriculation exams ended three weeks ago,  I managed to get a part time job for whole summer and then I applied for four different schools and I had to do loads of advance commissions for them (ennakkotehtäviä) And now I have about two weeks before my work starts but there is no time for laziness since I'm doing one art project at the moment. And all this time I have been making my cosplays slowly but surely .D

After my exams... (Yes that's me after my exams)

...I hit once again in the fabric store:

(No worries didn't buy that fabric, just showed it to my friend since the color was so "screaming" bright :D

Now, because I can't show you any pictures of my costume progresses (Or of course I could, but it's no fun to ruin the surprise :< ) So I have to entertain you in some other way. I can tell you that I have been painting different flower patterns, created funny accessories and planned how to make my props, but since I can't really show you any pictures yet (repeating things is fun), we'll have talk about something else.
    So now I thought that it would be nice to give you guys some hints of our costumes so you can at least have some kind of idea about them. Hint numbaa one: We are not crossplaying. So it's means that all my characters are ladys~ and Sami's are gentlemen's~. (Well actually I really wouldn't call all those characters gentlemens, but you got the idea)
  When choosing our parade costumes, one of our top priorities were that the costumes wouldn't be too hot. So we listed and searched bunch of costumes that wouldn't include many fabric layers on them or wouldn't be made of some thick fabric. Especially my heat resistance is quite shitty so we ended up choosing very airy costumes. (almost little bit too airy <: D) But I'm psyched about those costumes, I love both the characters and I think that people are going to like them too :D (At least I hope so !)
What should I say about the press costumes...? Well those are more detailed than our parade costumes. And my costume includes many different fabrics. And I like our characters (Duh)... My imagination is jammed, let's move on.

Tip of the week:
Never-throw-anything-away. I found out that I need to create a big rose flower on one of my costumes, and when I asked my mum that do we have any old plastic flowers that I could destroy, she replied that actually there is one, big plastic rose and it has been on the storage something like 15 years. I was like OH REALLY ? Only thing that I would have needed to do was to little bit fix it, add some more pedals, paint it, and make it right shaped. But then my mum continued: "Oh wait, I threw it away last summer, oops"

Damn. There goes my easy road.

But then I hit the local flea market and found these three beautiful fabric roses which I'm going to transform into one big. Let the color maintain in mystery.


About the props~

I'm gonna remake the yuffie's shuriken. Not 100% sure from which material, but it's going to be smaller (that way it's easier to handle, spin and stuff like that) and maybe I will do it from five different pieces so it's also easier to transport. My press costume doesn't include any props but the parade costumes does. That is going to be quite wide, something like 160cm tall or more ? And I have to carry it with me, so it definitely has to be very light. I have been doing blue prints of the weapon but haven't yet started it. What it comes to Sami, he has three different props, each costume one. One basic prop and two more delicious ones .D (Vincent's gun cerberus is the other delicious one)

Now if you will excuse me I will go back to search for a suitable parade shoes (those shoes are pain it the butt, I'll tell about them in next update) and drink my souvenier drink from Bakacon. (Bakacon is anime/manga event that was held on April 17-18th in Pieksämäki and I couldn't go there (boohoohoo ;_;) so my friends bought me some souveniers) And what my souvenier would be you ask ? Well can of Japanese Axis Power Hetalia -  tea of course !!!! I laughed my ass off when my friend gave it to me.

Bye for now, And remember,

doing cosplays should always be fun ! (Yes, that was a big lie, but let's just pretend that making cosplays is always fun .D)

 -Riina ♫♫♪♪♫♪☺♪☺ ~

Here and there, everywhere


Tampere Kuplii has been seen now (by me). Few great cosplays, lots of less great but still good/fun cosplays, great atmosphere, nice people, lousy weather and loose schedule are best  words to describe Kuplii this year. And as a information for those who are not familiar with Tampere Kuplii, it's one of the several conventions related to anime/manga/cosplay in Finland. Not particularly a big convention, but Con certainly worth of visiting if you are interested in similar stuff (Official name for this convention is Tampere Kuplii - The comic festivals of Tampere).

I didn't have time to cosplay (or make a new cosplay) for Tampere Kuplii and hence that I was just promoting our (Riina's & my) World Cosplay Summit appearance by sharing tiny pieces of paper which had the URL for our WCS-participation blog (this .D) for visitors of Tampere Kuplii. Not to forget I was also enjoying a great convention (Note: not all people think Tampere Kuplii is a anime convention, but IMO I categorize it as one).

And you know what's funny? I could remain in complete anonymosity (good/bad thing, who knows?..) in the Kuplii because I wasn't wearing any costume. Cosplay circles are not extremely big in Finland and the public is yet to know how I and Riina look/appear.
And that's the main reason I'm promoting (read: selling our appearance for public and everyone who is interested) us in every possible way (nearly, it's not like we'd be desperate :D).

And then some personal news: I got employed for the whole summer! WUUUUHUUUU!!one
That basically means I'l be a wealthy man in Japan. And basically the amount of money which I'm able to put now to my cosplays is unlimited. Unlimited financial status = even greater effort put in costumes :)
Since I've now got officially rid of one of the problems related to my summer, things are now on getting easier to handle.

I've also made some progress with costumes. WIGGIESSSS yeah I've found wigs I need for my cosplays, it's just the matter of days when I order them all the way from China. Shape or color or any other measure of wigs shall not yet to be revealed (I'm mean .D ).

Then a couple of pictures:

In this picture: Vincent's Cerberus trinket; On left: where I'm starting from, On right: where I'm aiming to :D
  Vincent&apos;s Cerberus trinket - On left: where I&apos;m starting - On right: where I&apos;m aiming

And next I shall introduce you Vincent's shoes. They look like shit right now but that's hopefully only temporary.
They require lots of work since I have to walk with them for extended periods in WCS main contest
(see earlier picture for complete form in our first post).

Vincent&apos;s shoes. Yes, they look like shit. atm.

Vincent's costume needs only some minor fixes to make it only more suitable to wear. There isn't gonna be any dramatic changes in complete form but in its final version every wrinkle and flaw should be straightened. I'm counting on myself. And my biggest helper (my girlfriend), who has a little more sense for behaviouring of fabrics/cloths/textiles of every sort. However, Vincent will be even more KICKASS

In general, things are all the way fine although we still are quite busy with non-WCS related stuff.

Kicking out of joy ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪,